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About the book

Don’t Hate, Meditate! is a modern guide to no-nonsense meditation for everyday soul-searchers.

Meditation Roadmap

Unlock a fail-safe meditation practice that will act as the ultimate road map to explore who you are and unlock the consciousness within you necessary to experience an actual shift in your life.

Empower Your Shift

This is not just a how-to book on meditation or a spiritual pep talk. This book is meant to inspire and empower you to shift your realtionship with yourself and give you tools to recalibrate how you navigate your life.

Recalibrate Your Mind

This book will help you recalibrate your mind-set in the long term and will show up to guide you in the abrupt moments of turbulence.

Who Am I?

This book is an exploration of who you are, delivered in a way that speaks to your actual life. Learn the life hacks to dig in and reveal who you really are as well as the compass to stay on a path that leads you to where you want to go.

Live Authentically

This book will help you discover more deeply who you are and teach you how to live authentically from that place by giving you the tools to identify quickly when you veer off the path and course-correct to a different mind-set.

Unlock What's Within

Through a journey within, using meditation and other timeless teachings, this book will invite in a higher level of awareness that impacts every element of your life experience, both internally and externally.

What the experts are saying

Deepak Chopra, M.D.

Neurologist & Best-Selling Author

"If you are in need of an easy and practical guide to conscious living, this is the book for you!"

Shaman Durek

spiritual guide, women's activist, evolutionary innovator, author of Spirit Hacking

"I am so in love with this book, tribe! Megan's translation of the ancient wisdom of meditation is some of the most authentic and relatable, I've ever experienced. Her viewpoint is one of such insight and experience that it's virtually impossible not to instantly want to immerse into this book"

Suze Yalof Schwartz

founder/CEO of Unplug Meditation and author of Unplug: A Simple Guide to Meditation for Busy Sceptics and Modern Soul Seekers.

"Megan's unique perspective on meditation and the effortless and entertaining way that she shares her wisdom is unmatched. You will have more fun reading this book than you thought was possible with a book on meditation! You will fall in love with her way of looking at life and will see your life transform as you implement the practices this book offers"


award-winning author of Sacred Powers

"Authentic, heart-based and insightful, Megan Monahan masterfully helps you navigate the speedbumps, roadblocks, and tsunamis of life on a transformational journey to the center of your soul. Don't Hate is a joyful exploration of how meditation can take your life to the next level and Megan is an amazing guide. She will teach you how to fall in love with yourself all over again!"

Sahara Rose

Best-selling author if Eat, Feel, Fresh

"Megan offers a refreshing, relatable and millennial voice on the topic of meditation that is both informative and hysterical. My only problem was every time I started reading, she'd convince me to go meditate!"

Jeff Krasno

author, co-founder of Wanderlust, founder/CEO Commune

"Intuitive and thoughtful, Megan has found her purpose on this planet: to gracefully guide us towards finding our real, infinite selves beneath the swirling thoughts of our mind. It’s a blessing to have this book that can trumpet Megan’s humble work and lead us to contentment and serenity."

Mary Beth LaRue

co-founder of Rock Your Bliss

"Though I've always loved meditating I was pretty intimidated by both the practice and sometimes the teachers. What I love about Megan, both in person and in this book, is that she is grounded, hilarious and absolutely human. She makes it okay to bring my whole self to the practice, not just the "good girl" me who meditates and drinks eight glasses of H20. This book is a treasure whether you've meditated for years or are just beginning. What she shares is heartfelt and from the soul and that is absolutely felt."

Light Watkins

Author of Bliss More: How to Succeed in Meditation Without Really Trying and Founder of The Shine Movement

"Don't Hate Meditate provides you with a refreshingly supportive and relatable approach to the ancient practice of meditation. Laced with timeless wisdom and biting humor, Megan's years of experience and accessibility will immediately put you at ease, and my guess is you'll enjoy meditating like never before."

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Find out Just what Don't Hate is all about.

Wouldn’t it be nice not to be leveled by the everyday life experiences that trigger us?! Through reading this book, you will unpack the five spiritual mindsets that are the key to moving out of constriction and fear and into a more expensive space within your life.

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frequent questions

You’re not the only wondering…

This book demystifies meditation and leaves you with a technique that it is literally impossible to fail at! (You’re welcome in advance.)
It’s so hard to look at ourselves with awareness when it’s not something we’ve cultivated. In an effort to make it easier to notice where the benefits of meditation are revealing themselves in your life, there’s a quiz that gives you insight into your conditioned blueprint in the areas of: presence, acceptance, intention, non-judgement and trust.
So much of the magic of this book rests in the everyday examples and anecdotes that are explored. You will become a master at looking at your life through a different lens that has the power to unlock the superpowers that meditation gives you
This book will teach you to meditate but (maybe more importantly) will also reveal to you where to flex the expanded awareness that comes alongside that newfound meditation practice in your life. It’s almost as if you are getting the roadmap to where the hidden boobytraps are setup in your life and becoming aware of how to use meditation to navigate them with more grace and ease. Sound good?

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5 Easy Practices to Get You Through the Hard Sh*t (and into the Good)
By Megan Monahan
SHIPS JUNE 4, 2019